Mobilvetta Warranty

● Light visible through some points of the cell structure depends on the construction specifications of the body and the physical properties of the fibreglass and is not an indication, in any way, of a construction defect or a shortcoming in the waterproofing of the joins, thermal insulation or the structural soundness of the vehicle.

● On some models, the construction technology does not include the bonding of the fibreglass panel covering the roof of the vehicle and therefore, in certain climatic conditions, the fibreglass could be subject to slight thermal expansion which could manifest itself in the form of undulation. This does not, under any circumstances, indicate a construction defect or deficiency in the waterproofing or thermal insulation or the structural soundness of the vehicle.

Two Year Warranty

You will receive a copy of the Warranty Booklet when your motorhome is handed over you. An excerpt is given below.

Your vehicle must be given a Habitation Service once a year at the sales dealer, a MOBILVETTA authorised workshop or a SEA Service authorised workshop to make sure it is kept safe and efficient under the terms of the warranty.

Excerpt from the Warranty Booklet

The dealer gave you this Owner Handbook, the Warranty Booklet and the Handbooks for all the installed equipment when your new vehicle was handed over to you. Check that the Warranty Booklet has been duly filled in and that "Warranty Certificate" has been registered on SEA Web Service.

AfterSales ServIce and Warranty

Services under warranty are provided by MOBILVETTA authorised dealers and SEA Service authorised workshops. See for an up-to-date list.

When a repair needs to be carried out under warranty, please display the Warranty Certificate that you were given together with the vehicle, filled in and stamped by the sales dealer and the receipts for any operations carried out previously.

Components such as the chassis and the refrigerator, hob, boiler, oven, control unit, sanitary fittings and auxiliary battery are covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. The respective warranties are supplied together with the vehicle. You are requested to check for their presence.

It should also be remembered that the warranty cannot be enforced and should therefore be considered as having expired in the case of defects stemming from maintenance that was not been carried out or in case of obvious negligence regarding regular maintenance or by tampering with the original product.

In case of uncertainty concerning the application of the warranty, the Dealer will charge the customer for the repair, reserving the right for reimbursement only after the case has been examined by SEA.

Warranty Conditions

● The MOBILVETTA authorised dealer has no contractual obligation for defects that are a result of normal wear and tear or misuse, usage that differs from intended use, insufficient maintenance, overloads, exceeding the top speed.

● Any modifications made to the vehicle, such as repairs or tampering, even in part, carried out by someone other than the Manufacturer’s workshops, Dealers or authorised workshops, without prior, written agreement from the Manufacturer, will automatically lead to the forfeit of the warranty.


● The warranty will also not be valid if spare parts other than those recommended by the Manufacturer are fitted on the vehicle.

● The warranty ceases to be effective in case of change of ownership if the new owner did not notify the authorised dealer within 10 days for the new ownership to be registered on the Sea Service portal.

● The warranty does not cover parts and accessories not made by SEA such as: chassis, indicators, refrigerators, heaters, ovens, water boilers, wash basins, stoves and tyres. SEA surrenders the rights to the warranty, legal and/or stipulated, to the buyer for these products, due to them, with regard to the manufacturers of these products.

The warranty conditions illustrated above are absolute and irrevocable; the buyer is bound to accept them when purchasing the vehicle

Five year warranty against infiltrations

There is a warranty against infiltrations valid for five (5) years enclosed in the Warranty booklet provided. Its contents are set out below, in brief, and we would ask you to follow the programme closely. With a view to constantly improving the performance of your vehicle and thanks to a quality control system combined with tested production methods, SEA is currently able to offer its customers a new warranty against water infiltration that could seriously damage the vehicle body.

In order to benefit from this special warranty, the customer simply requested to have the vehicle inspected, at regular intervals, by the sales dealer or, alternatively, by any MOBILVETTA authorised dealer or SEA Service authorised workshop.

Make sure that your vehicle is inspected in accordance with the SEA Service defined body inspection procedures. The time allowances and methods for these checks are described in the warranty booklet. The customer is responsible for the cost of the inspection and it should be documented both by filling in the respective coupons enclosed with the warranty and through the relevant fiscal documentation (receipt, invoice, etc.) enclosed.

If the vehicle is sold, registering the new ownership on the SEA Web Service portal will allow the new owner to take over the warranty from the previous customer, providing that the conditions set out in this booklet are strictly followed and the implementation of the routine maintenance can be verified through the fiscal document.

This warranty ceases to be effective in the following cases:

● In case of infiltrations determined by damage caused to the vehicle in accidental circumstances such as an accident, accessories which are not been properly fitted, negligence, treatment of the body with unsuitable materials or any other factor not directly attributable to SEA.

● In case of any confirmed damage not notified within 30 days of the date of occurrence to a MOBILVETTA authorised dealer or a SEA Service authorised workshop or SEA or if non-genuine spare parts or unsuitable materials were used.

● If the (current or previous) customer failed to respect the regular inspection frequency and consequently did not repair damage which determined or may have determined water infiltrations.

● The warranty ceases to be effective in case of change of ownership if the new owner did not notify SEA.

In the case of manufacturing defects concerning the body waterproofing during the period covered by the warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for:

● the labour costs for any repairs;

● materials and components used for the repairs.

The customer, on the other hand, is responsible for the following:

● costs for implementing of the inspection coupons;

● transport costs for moving the vehicle to a MOBILVETTA authorised dealer or to a SEA Service authorised

workshop chosen to have the inspection and any repairs carried out;

● cost of repairs in the case of an accident or incorrect use of the vehicle;

● any type of damage or expense connected to the impossibility of using the vehicle whilst the repair operations are being carried out.