Benimar Warranty Information

All Benimar Mileo models registered in the UK benefit from a Fiat 3 Year Unlimited Warranty - click for more info.

All Benimar Tessoro models registered in the UK benefit from a Ford 2+3 Year or 50,000 mile Warranty, whichever comes first. 


The 5-year specific guarantee for the water tightness of the body shell will come into effect from the date of the registration of the motorhome.
Only authorised Benimar distributors are able to carry out work under the conditions of the guarantee.
The owner is responsible to ensure the service requirements are carried out in accordance with the guarantee. 

Breach of these provisions will mean the complete cancellation of the 5-year water ingress warranty and 24 month Motorhome Guarantee.

The guarantee will not be applicable in the event of:

  • Interventions carried out outside of the authorised network of distributors unless approval has been agreed by Benimar.
  • Abnormal use of the vehicle. Modification of the body shell.
  • All types of optional assemblies not carried out at source by the builder.

In order to take benefit from this guarantee, the motorhome owner must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Carry out the maintenance and annual checks required by the company at the authorised distributor network or by any VAT registered, NCC (National Caravan Council) approved workshop. A fully itemised invoice will be required as proof in the event of a claim. 
  • The payable annual check will be to the account of the motorhome owner and must be carried out at his/her initiative, within a maximum of 2 months following the first anniversary of the first registration date.


All the normal maintenance work must be carried out by the authorised representatives or by the manufacturers or authorised representatives of the different equipment (fridge, heating cooker etc.). In the event of the servicing bringing the need for an intervention to light that is out of guarantee, the carrying out of the same will be with the prior agreement of the customer in accordance with the quote given by the distributor.


The guarantee covers the labour and parts supplied to replace or repair those found to be faulty completely free of charge for a period of 24 months from the date of registration of the vehicle.
The guarantee given by the manufacturer only applies when the materials have been used correctly in accordance with the recommendations as shown in the Service Manual that is delivered with each vehicle and with the reservation that these materials have been used under normal working conditions. 


Benimar shall not be liable under the Body Shell or Motorhome guarantee for any defect related to or arising from the following:

  • The failure of a component for reasons of fair wear and tear;
  • Damage resulting from freezing, fire, over-heating or accidents (whether caused by the user or a third party);
  • Misuse of any component;
  • Normal deterioration, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or harmful bodies, lack of servicing or negligence of any person which causes stoppage of or impairment to the function of any component of the motorhome;
  • Replacement of parts which have reached the end of their effective working life because of age and/or usage;
  • Cleaning or adjustment of any assemblies;
  • Cosmetic finishes to kitchen sinks, cooker tops, vanity units, shower trays; and/or
  • Routine maintenance items which are part of the annual service including lubricants, rubber gas hose, the cleaning of the heater and fridge flues, the replacement of gas jets, the resealing and/or replacement of shower room sealant, and the adjustment and lubrication of locks.

The elements not made by the manufacturer or in accordance with its designs that become part of the makeup of the vehicle (cooker, fridge, heating etc.) will only have the guarantee granted by the manufacturer of said elements.

It is specified that all elements that wear out quickly such as: seals, pipes, brake accessories, tyres, air chambers, etc. that are not guaranteed by their respective manufacturer, will be excluded from the guarantee provided by Benimar - also excluded are the windows and windscreen glasses. In addition, the guarantee will not apply to elements on vehicles that have been modified by anyone after leaving the factory, be it by means of the alteration of initial parts, due to the installation of new parts, except in the event that said installation has had prior approval from Benimar.


  • The guarantee will commence from the date of the first registration. For the purposes of making the exercising of the guarantee easier, the buyer is recommended to do the following:
  • To make notification of any change of address, in order to make the change, you are requested to send it in one of the following languages: English, French or Spanish.
  • In the case of a resale, the guarantee will continue on condition that the new owner notifies us of his/her details by post to:

BENIMAR-OCARSA, S.A. After Sales Department Ctra. Nacional 340. Km. 1041 12598 PENISCOLA - Castellon

As work under the conditions of the Guarantee can only be carried out in authorised workshops, the user will have to take the vehicle to them.
The costs of transport of the motorhome, where applicable, to our workshops, in addition to the possible expenses caused as a result of the immobility of the same will be to the account of the buyer and the time necessary for the repair of the vehicle will not be able to give rise to any compensation for immobility or other. There is an extensive distributor network available to you (see Annexe 1 of Service book), thanks to which, each workshop offers you the guarantee that your vehicle will be checked, maintained and repaired in accordance with the most modern techniques.